Drug Addiction

RIP Amy Winehouse 9/14/83 to 7/23/11

In the light of the recent passing of  British singer Amy Winehouse and the possibility drugs may have played a part in her death and the backlash and just plain cruelty people have shown has sparked me to write this.

Drug addiction is a disease people suffering with it shouldn’t be treated unkindly or talked about like they are worthless. Someone I care about has been battling a drug addiction for 14 years. He’s gone to rehab but he says every day is still a struggle. Does that mean he should be treated differently, labeled shit, garbage or just another junkie? No! Drug addicts are people battling a disease just like a Cancer patient or Aids patient. They are someone’s son or daughter, mom or dad, niece or nephew, boyfriend or girlfriend, or friend. The person I care about is a wonderful guy who tries hard and keeps fighting he is not just some junkie!

Despite her problems Amy was was still a person, she may have lost her battle and her life but she still deserves a little respect and dignity. Her memory should be honored not destroyed.

Rest in Peace Amy Winehouse may your memory be preserved not destroyed. You will be missed.


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