Happily Divorced


There’s a hot new show…Happily Divorced. It stars Fran Drescher as a woman who finds out her husband of 18 years is gay. The show is based loosely on Ms. Drescher’s real life. Her husband Peter Marc Jacobson  came out ofter nearly 21 years of marriage.

The show follows Fran and Peter (played by John Michael Higgins) who are now divorced but still living together while both are trying to date other men. Fran’s best friend Judi played by Tricia Arnold of Martin is an added delight as a singer who preforms in a gay club.


Adding to the fun is Fran’s nosy employee in the flower shop Cesar played by George Lopez’s Valente Rodriguez and Fran’s parents Glen and Dori played by Robert Walden and Rita Moreno. This is a great comedy for fans of the Nanny, Fran Drescher  or anyone who enjoys a good laugh.

Happily Divorced airs Wednesdays at 9:30 pm on TV Land

                                                      Fran Drescher…as…Fran


                                                John Michael Higgins…As…Peter


                        Fran, Peter, Judi, Glen, Dori and Cesar…Happily Divorced


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