My Top Ten TV Comedies

I’ve seen this on other blogs so here are what I think are the top ten tv comedies

1. Friends (Best comedy ever!)

2. Mr.Sunshine (It was a great comedy that deserved a second chance!)

3.Entourage (Amazing show, hot guys will be sad to see it end this season)

4. Cougar Town (Lots of laughs watching thins one)

5.Will&Grace (Gotta love the Fab 4!)

6.Frazier (Cheers spin off with great cast)

7. How I Met Your Mother (NPH is Legend wait for it…dairy!!) 

8.Married With Children (Dumb,Classless and oh so funny!)

9.Scrubs (Girls names and Satan in a lab coat!)

10.The Nanny (Yiddish fun!)


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