Marley and Me

My Next Book Recommendation is….

Marley and Me is the story of John and Jenny Grogan and their family’s journey with Marley the yellow Labrador Retriever. Marley is not your ordinary puppy he puts  mischief on a whole new level! You will find yourself  laughing, shaking your head and being moved to tears as you accompany Marley though adolescences and adulthood. You’ll love this dog’s many adventures as his family grows and moves to new surroundings.You feel like you are a member of the Grogan family experiencing everything as they experience it!

This tale is one that had this reader hooked from page one. If you love dogs or any animal for that matter , or if you have ever had a beloved pet this true story is the read for you! It was written by Marley dad John Grogan, its available in hard cover and soft cover and can be found any where books are sold.

Marley and Me is now a hit movie staring Friends star Jennifer Aniston and Owen Wilson from the movies Starsky and Hutch, Wedding Crashers, and both Night at The Museum films. Other appearances in the film include Eric Dane, Kathleen Turner, and Alan Arkin. Marley and Me is available on DVD and Blu Ray



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