When I Was A Little Girl

Another new category idea things from when I was a little girl…

First up the toys I had as a little girl


                    My cabbage patch doll Lawrence I actually still have him!


Rockstar Barbie I had a ton of barbies,kens and accssories !


         Strawberry Shortcake I Loved the yummy smell of these dolls!


Ahh good old Atari 2600 before the days of Nintendo, Xbox, and Playstation!


               I had baby dolls I loved babies at an early age!


Fresh and Fancy was way cool you could make your own make up and perfume!


Fashion Plates lets you mix and match plates to create and color your own designs!


          I had a huge collection of these charms! I got one very time I went to the grocery store from the gumball machine!


            Yes I know I’m a girl but I loved hot wheels lol


      Sheera is Heman’s sister I had her , her friends and her enemies


Garbage Pail Kids were gross but so fun to collect!


My Little Pony I had these and so did my cousin!


               Aww Pound Puppies!!


I had a huge Ghostbuster collection including the ecto 1


            I still have my Staypuff Marshmellow Man!


      Playing Doctor was always fun too bad it was so many years before Carter or McDreamy LOL



and last but not least Care Bears! I still have a few!!


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