The Top Ten TV Couples

Here is what I think are TV’s best couples of course there are a lot more then 10 but here it goes!

1. Chandler and Monica …Friends….My all time favorite TV Couple I’d want a relationship like theirs!


2. Alex and Izzie…Grey’s Anatomy…Their wedding was soo romantic and they way Alex took care of her when she was sick  sigh


3. Niles and Daphne…Frasier…It was so sweet the way Niles crushed on her!


4. Derek and Meredith…Grey’s Anatomy…Such a romantic couple! 


5.Ross and Rachel…Friends…Another love story where he loved her for so long…who wouldn’t cry and cheer when she got off the plane!! 

6. Doug and Carol…ER..Most romantic moment is Carol running though the airport to catch her flight to Seattle then running to him on the pier !


7. Dylan and Brenda…Beverly Hills 90210…The bad boy and the sweet country girl! 


8. Fran and Maxwell…The Nanny…Fairytales do come true!


9. Marshall and Lily…How I Met Your Mother..These two are just so cute!


10. Callie and Arizona…Grey’s Anatomy…They had a rough path but they made it! 


and tied  for # 10 is Will and Vince…Will and Grace…They were so sweet together and I loved how Vince showed up at the funeral of Will’s dad  even though they weren’t togetherQ



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