My Top Ten Friends Moments

In honor of Friends  premiering on Nick at Nite and  the upcoming anniversary of its original premiere on NBC I am posting my top ten Friends moments

1. Chandler and Monica’s Wedding..I love this couple and the wedding was awesome!

2. Ross and Rachel share a kiss after daughter Emma is born…such a sweet Lobster moment!

3. Chandler proposes to Monica…sooo sweet!…love how they dance to Wonderful Tonight at the end of the episode!

4. Chandler’s confession of love to Monica…I love her! I love her! I love you Monica! ..(need I say more lol)

5. vhe Routine!  Gotta love this Ross and Monica moment!

6. Ross and Rachel’s drunken wedding in Vegas…Hello Mr. Rachel! Hello Mrs.Ross!

7. Chandler and Monica kiss under the craps table “Its a 4”  Awww!!

8. Santa Chandler and The Holiday Armadillo (Ross) I love how they tell Ben the story of Hanukkah!

9. Chandler’s Dad love Kathleen Turner playing a drag queen!!

1o. Chandler aned Monica find out they’re getting a baby! and….

The Finale!    Chandler and Monica have their family, Rachel got of the plane, Pheebs is happily married thinking about babies of her own and  Joey will soon be headed for LA!


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