A Day Never To Be Forgotten…Images In Our Minds Forever

Have you ever been asked “Where were you” or “what were you doing”  when the towers fell?  I have and I can answer in great detail as if it were yesterday. Living in a city with tall skyscrapers (Chicago) everyone here went into a panic. The Sears Tower and John Hancock building were evacuated, and the subways were shut down as hundreds of office workers, retail, workers and restaurant workers filled the streets  some panicked, some shocked, some confused and some just trying to get get home. Luck our city was spared as well as my others but New York. Washington DC , and Pennsylvania were not so lucky. Life as we know it was forever changed at 8:46 am on September 11,2001.

Today marks  the 10th Anniversary of that faithful day. Please remember those on flights, 11, 39, and 177, those in the Twin Towers and the Firefighters and Police you lost their lives trying to save them, and remember all the family, friends and coworkers who lost the ones they loved.

Images that will live on in our minds forever

Once so beautiful

Plane number two before the deadly impact.

Both towers in the mist of destruction

Thick dark smoke could be seen for miles

A firefighter headed to the towers to lend a hand

Firefighters search for survivors

Firefighters in protective masks go to join the search efforts

Firefighters, Police and Medics search for survivors

An NYFD Firetruck stuck in the ruble

A tired firefighter rests and bows his head in prayer

A rescue dog kisses his firefighter daddy….They are four legged heroes who risked their lives to find survivors too.

America will not be defeted

God Bless America



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