Socical Media…Playgrounds for Bullies??





  Isn’t social media like all the ones pictured above suppose to be a place to make new friends and find old ones, to chat, play games, post pictures and stories from your life. Well it seems that’s not the case anymore.  Recently on Twitter a group of bullies have appeared tweeting some pretty bad things to  many celebs and their fans. My favorite actor and many of his fans including me have been getting some pretty serious and hurtful tweets from these bullies, its gone as far as tweets about the actor dying and us fans don’t like it.


No one should be or feel bullied when taking part in any of the many social media sites. We should all get along have fun and feel safe. Bulling is a rapidly growing problem and I w3ish there was a way to stop it.


Now anyone who knows who my favorite actor is, he’s been through enough hard times in his personal life over the years without these bullies taking those parts of his life and using them to bully him. He’s a great actor who uses Twitter to communicate with his fans not to be bullied.


Its okay to not like someone but its not okay to bully them. Why do these bullies do this? Do they have no lives? Are they cowards? Were they bullied at one time? No matter the reason its wrong and they probably have no idea of the consequences of their actions.


So here is my question…What do we do about these bullies making our once pleasant social media experiences into hurtful, mean and sad ones? How do we stop the bulling?




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