The Emmy Snub



Today is Emmy night so what bugs me is an Emmy snub!


Courteney Cox is a beautiful, talented and so much more. She’s an actress who deserves so much more than the pitiful recognition she gets. She spent ten years on a hit show where  her other 5 costars all received Emmy nominations and her two female costars won Emmys.  So I ask why was Courteney left out in the dark with not so much as even a nomination?  In the later years of her show  she had to live out her real life child conceiving dramas on screen that alone deserved an Emmy nom.


After the show ended Courteney created her own show a drama on FX about the unglamorous side of fame and how the paparazzi will go above and beyond to get the story. She still didn’t receive recognition for her efforts.  She is now the star of a new comedy on ABC going into its 3rd season and she still gets no recognition for her talents and beauty. What will it take to get her her that Emmy nomination? Even La Lucci finally got her Emmy!


Give Courteney Cox the damn Emmy already!!!!!




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