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Today is….


My Favorite Celebrity Couple

                                         Courteney Cox and David Arquette


Courteney and David first met while filming Scream back in 1995-1996


They started dating durning the film’s sequel Scream 2

By the time Scream 3 started filming they were newlyweds


                                   Mr. And Mrs. David Arquette  June 12,1999


Courteney and David took the next step and tried to start a family. It wasn’t an easy process for them. Courteney had to trouble getting pregnant  it was staying pregnant that was the problem. After several miscarriages and emotions Courteney became pregnant and was able to carry to full term with the help of medication.











Coco Riley Arquette was born June 13, 2004



The Couple continued to be happy and raise their new baby daughter. Courteney got a new show on ABC and Scream 4was slated for filming. The Couple is rumored to have separated but still remain close. Earlier this evening Courteney was spotted with daughter Coco in the audience of Dancing with the Stars cheering on David. Hmmmm…


This Corvid fan is hoping this great couple will get back together. They’re to prefect to be apart!
























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