Candy and Cereal I Ate When I Was A Little Girl

Here are the candies and cereals I indulged in as a little girl.


Button candy I ate them by the dozens!


Candy Necklaces I used to get these out of the gumball machine for 25 cents


Pacman and Ghost candies yum




Bubble Tape so fun!


Razzles! They were in the movie 13 Going  on 30!


Pop Rocks they used to say these mixed with Coke  would kill you bu they I’m still here lol


Wax Soda Bottles bite em and drink the yummy juice inside


This isn’t candy but they were soooo good I wish they still made them! Oh Hostess can we talk! LOL


Cereal time!



Smurf Berry Crunch yum!


Ghostbusters Cereal was my fav!


Pacman cereal was good!


Strawberry Shortcake Cereal tasted like strawberries mmmmm!


Ninja Turtles tastey!


Ice Cream Cone so yum!


French Toast Crunch my all time fav love love love it !!


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