CTA Transportation or Terror

If you live in Chicago chances are you’ve rode the CTA. Its suppose to be a better alternative for the planet and less expensive than filling a gas tank but its unreliable and usually packed to capacity especially during the morning and evening rush hour. There should be more frequent service to avoid the over crowding which leads to the other problem. Over crowding leads to ignorance .

Today a friend of my was verbally attacked had their head phones pulled from their ears and their hair pulled. My friend got up and moved to the back of the bus and this ignorant person followed her to the back of the bus and continued to harass them.   When the bus driver was approached about the situation she ignored it and kept driving.

My friend then exited the bus and called 911 my question is why was the bus driver uncooperative? The CTA needs to look closely at the people they employ  to drive their buses! Don’t get me wrong most bus drivers are nice and courteous however there are the few who shut the door when you’re trying to board or drive right buy you when you’re flagging them to stop but when a driver ignores the fact that one of her passengers is verbally and physically harassing another passenger action needs to be taken!

When my friend called the CTA to report this driver they basically blew them off. Shouldn’t the proper way to do things to at least have a word with this driver and a possible suspension? Someone needs to tell the CTA how to run properly before its too late!

Come on CTA get your act together!!

Crowed buses don’t need to happen! Everyone should be comfortable when riding the CTA!


Top Ten Trick or Treats

My top ten trick or treat goodies!


1. Snickers…I love these! Yum!


2. Carmel apples …so gooey good!


3. Peanut M&M’s …the best of the M&M’s!


4. Popcorn balls..tasty way to enjoy popcorn

5.Halloween Peeps…I love all peeps especially the pink bunnies at Easter!



6. Twix..another chocolaty delight!


7. Candy Corn.. in many fun shapes now days!


8. Sour Patch Kids …The Red ones are my favs


9. Sixlets…I love these colorful little chocolate balls!

10. Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups..Delicious!

Top Ten Halloween Themed Movies

Here are my top ten Halloween themed movies

1. Scream 4…Awesome movie!

2. Scream 2…Better than the original to me !

3. Stephen King’s IT..very creep clown!

4. Leprechaun…Jennifer Aniston’s first movie lead

5. The Sixth Sense..Has a surprise twist at the end

6. Scream…The movie that started it all

7. Hocus Pocus..A fun tale of three sisters that just happen to be witches

8. Scream 3

9. Addams Family Values…love Joan Cusack

10. The Ring …This movie was so spooky!

Top Ten Halloween TV Episodes

In honor of Halloween coming up I am listing my top ten Halloween TV Episodes.

1.  Friends..TOW The Halloween Party (The Pink Bunny rules!)

2. Cougar Town…You Don’t Know How It Feels

3. The Simpsons…Treehouse of Horrors XII (Could I be more of a house!)

4. Frasier…Room Full Of Heroes

5. How I Met Your Mother…The Slutty Pumpkin

6. Roseanne…Halloween IV

7.  Roseanne…Skeletons In The Closet

8. ER…”Ghosts”

9.  Will and Grace…Boo Humbug

10. That 70’s Show…That 70’s Halloween

Top Ten Gay/Lesbian TV Characters

My Top Ten Gay/Lesbian TV Characters

1. Dr.Callie Torres…Grey’s Anatomy

2. Jack McFarland…Will and Grace

3. Will Truman…Will and Grace

4. Dr.Arizona Robbins…Grey’s Anatomy

5. Dr.Kerry Weaver…ER

6. Stanford and Anthony…Sex and the City

7.Kurt Hummel…Glee

8. Blaine Anderson…Glee

8. Vince Deangelo…Will and Grace

9. Helena Handbasket (Chandler’s dad)…Friends

10. Lloyd…Entourage

Scream 4

Scream 4 is the continuation of the Scream series. It has a new generation of characters as well as a few returning favorites. Sidney Prescott is now a best selling author and her final stop on her book tour is Woodsburo. As soon as she arrives the killings start again. Dewy i s now the sheriff with three brand dew deputies and a wife, he and Gale are now married. This movie keeps you on the edge of your seat with its on going excitement and thrills. The movie has twists and turns you’ll think you know who the killer is but chances are you won’t. The killer’s identity or identities may surprise you!  If you’re a fan of the other Scream movies or horror movies in general  you’ll love this movie.


Scream 4 stars Courteney Cox, David Arquette, Neve Campbell, Emma Roberts, Hayden Panettiere,  Rory Culkin and Anthony Anderson.


Scream 4 is now avalible on DVD and Blu ~Ray