CTA Transportation or Terror

If you live in Chicago chances are you’ve rode the CTA. Its suppose to be a better alternative for the planet and less expensive than filling a gas tank but its unreliable and usually packed to capacity especially during the morning and evening rush hour. There should be more frequent service to avoid the over crowding which leads to the other problem. Over crowding leads to ignorance .

Today a friend of my was verbally attacked had their head phones pulled from their ears and their hair pulled. My friend got up and moved to the back of the bus and this ignorant person followed her to the back of the bus and continued to harass them.   When the bus driver was approached about the situation she ignored it and kept driving.

My friend then exited the bus and called 911 my question is why was the bus driver uncooperative? The CTA needs to look closely at the people they employ  to drive their buses! Don’t get me wrong most bus drivers are nice and courteous however there are the few who shut the door when you’re trying to board or drive right buy you when you’re flagging them to stop but when a driver ignores the fact that one of her passengers is verbally and physically harassing another passenger action needs to be taken!

When my friend called the CTA to report this driver they basically blew them off. Shouldn’t the proper way to do things to at least have a word with this driver and a possible suspension? Someone needs to tell the CTA how to run properly before its too late!

Come on CTA get your act together!!

Crowed buses don’t need to happen! Everyone should be comfortable when riding the CTA!


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