My Favorite Christmas TV Episodes

This is my list of my favorite Christmas TV Episodes


1. Friends: TOW The Holiday Armadillo Ross tries to tell Ben the story of Hanukkah.


2. Studio 60 on the Sunset Strip: The Christmas Show

Matt Albie who is Jewish has more Christmas Spirit than his cast, also he shares a steamy kiss with Harriet.


3. Will and Grace: Jingle BallsJack has to design a Barney’s Window and Karen has been naughty!


4. Joey:  Joey and the Christmas PartyAlex makes it snow in LA for Joey


5. Friends TOW Christmas In TulsaChandler thinks back over his moments with Monica and decides to quit his job because he couldn’t stand leaving her.


6. The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air…Deck the Halls Will takes over decorating the Banks house for Christmas.


7. Joey: Joey and the Plot TwistJoey thinks he’s being killed off of Deep Powder and is missing New York at Christmas.


8.  Mash: Dear Dad

Hawkeye writes to his dad  about how Christ is in Korea and Frank and Hotlips are tormented.


9. ER: How the Finch Stole ChristmasCarter trades Christmas presents for guns


10. All in the Family: Edith’s Crisis of Faith

Edith’s faith is shaken when her friend Beverly Lasalle is killed on Christmas Eve


11. The Facts of Life: Christmas in the Big HouseThe girls sing Christmas Carols for  inmates


12. Scrubs: My Own Personal Jesus

Turk finds a sick pregnant woman giving birth under the town Christmas Tree


13. Married with Children: It’s a Bundaful Life

All tells his guardian angel Sam Kinnison that he wishes he was never born


14. A Freakin Family Guy Christmas

All Peter cares about is watching his favorite Christmas Special Kiss Saves Christmas


15.  South Park: Mr. Hanky the Christmas Poo

A talking, singing piece of Christmas poo


16. Frasier: Miracle on 3rd or 4th StreetFrasier works at the station on Christmas and has dinner at a diner where he is mistaken for a homeless man


17. Mary Tyler Moore: Christmas and the Hard Luck Kid

Mary is told she will be working alone on Christmas Eve at the tv station


18. How I Met Your Mother: How the Lily Stole Christmas

Lily gets mad at Ted and leaves taking Christmas with her


19. Full House: Our Very First Christmas Show

The Tanners get stuck in the airport on Christmas Eve and the girls are worried Santa won’t find them


20. The Nanny : Christmas Episode

Fran is not pleased that Maxwell not only has a personal shopper to buy their Christmas presents but he won’t even be there on Christmas Day


21. Moonlighting: Twas The Episode Before Christmas  Someone leaves a baby in Miss Depesto’s Apartment at Christmas time


22. Will and Grace…A Little Christmas QueerWill’s gay nephew puts on a Christmas show


23. Grey’s Anatomy: Holidaze

After many troubles the Seattle Grace docs enjoy holiday dinner together


24. Family Ties: A Keaton Family Christmas Carol

25.  Curb Your Enthusiasm:  Mary, Joesph, and Larry

Larry pissed off the actors in a Live Manger


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