My Christmas List

Here is my list of what I want for Christmas this year.

1. To Meet my favorite Actor Matthew Perry (Hey he tweeted me so you never know it could happen!)

2.  Mr.Sunshine the Complete Series (I want this so bad!)

3. Cougar Town Season 2 (Courteney Cox is my idol! Plus I have season 1) 

4. A New Digital Camera (since mine broke!)

5.  A Winter Coat (I don’t have one)

6. A Cell Phone (Because I feel like the only person on the planet with out one)

7.  Cute Friends Charm Bracelet (Its cute and I have a Friends collection)

8. Soft Kitty (Its cute and sings the Soft Kitty song)  

9.  A Puma Purse (I love Puma!)

10.   Money (who wouldn’t want some!)

Well there you have it my Christmas list! Anyone want to buy me any of them? LOL


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