Top 25 Christmas Movies and Specials

Here is a list of my top 25 Christmas movies and specials


1. Hone Alone : young Kevin is accidentally let home alone and must defend his house on Christmas eve from two idiot would be thieves

2. The Christmas Blessing: A young doctor who lost his mom on Christmas eve when he was just 10  returns to his childhood home at Christmas and miracles happen


3. Its A Very Merry Muppets Christmas Movie: Kermit wishes he was never born and a goofy but loveable angel shows him where his friends would be with out him.


4. Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer: A cute little reindeer feels like an outcast until Santa asks hm to guide his sleigh.


5.  Ebbie: A Christmas Carol with a twist…Scrooge s a woman!


6. A Christmas Story: All Ralphie wants for Christmas is a Red Ryder BB gun but all he keeps hearing is “You’ll shoot your eye out!”

7. Home Alone 2 Lost in New York: This time young Kevin boards the wrong flight  and ends up in New York where he once again runs into those two idiot would be thieves

8. Merry Madagascar: When Santa is injured its up to Melman, Marty, Gloria and Alex to save Chrstmas


9.  Scrooged: Another spin on the classic A Christmas Carol


10. Fred Claus: A Christmas tale about Santa’s brother


11.  National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation: A funny tale of the Griswall’s family Christmas


12. A Charlie Brown Christmas: A classic Peanuts Christmas

13. Nothing Like The Holidays: A Jewish woman celebrates Christmas with her     Puertorican in-laws

14. 4 Christmases : A couple tries to avoid seeing there families for Christmas


15. The Santa Claus 2: Scott/Santa must find a wife if he wants to continue being Santa


16: I’ll Be Home for Christmas: If Jake can make it home for Christmas he will get his dad’s Porsha


17.  Elf: The story of a boy raised as an elf but grows too big and is sent to NYC

18. A Family Holiday..A con artist never expects to fall in love with two orphans and a beautiful teacher 


19.  Christmas With the Kranks: The Kranks are headed for a cruise until their daughter calls and says she’s coming home for Christmas then its a race to decorate the house and set up a Christmas Eve Party in time.

20. Frosty The Snow Man: The tale of a snowman that comes to life with a magical hat that is placed on his head.


21. The Preacher’s Wife: An Angel helps a preacher find the spirit of Christmas


22. A Very Brady Christmas: The whole Brady family reunite for Christmas


23. Deck The Halls: Two neighbors battle for the best Christmas decorations


24. A Christmas Carol the Musical: A musical version of this classic starring Kelsey Grammer as Scrooge


25. How The Grinch Stole Christmas: The Grinch steals Christmas from Whoville but later has a change of heart


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