Before They Were Famous

Check out some famous faces before they were famous!

This fresh face is  future “Friend”  Matthew Perry on Charles in Charge

Here is Matthew today looking so hot on Mr. Sunshine

Before he was Ross, David Schwimmer was on the Wonder Years as Karen’s boyfriend Michael.

“How you doin” Matt Leblanc on Married with Children before he ever uttered those famous words on Friends

Matt can be seen playing himself these days on Showtime’s Episodes

Before she fell in love with Chandler, Courteney  Cox danced in the Dark with the “Boss” Bruce Springsteen.

Courteney appears on Cougar Town on ABC as Jules Cobb

Jennifer Aniston was on Quantum Leap before she found her Lobster on Friends.

Jennifer has starred in many movies and launched her own perfume since her Quantum and Rachel days!

George Clooney made many appearances in the 80’s including The Golden Girls before landing his role on ER as the original McDreamy, Dr.Doug Ross

George returned to ER as Dr. Doug Ross during its final season in 2009

Sherry Stringfield got her start on Guiding Light playing Blake before she went to The ER playing Dr. Susan Lewis

Sherry has done many movies and guest appearances since ER ended ins 15 year run in 2009

This guy became a heart throb here is McSteamy Eric Dane on Married With Children

Today Eric is breaking hearts on Grey’s Anatomy as Dr. Mark Sloan

Seattle Grace’s chief played poker with Dan Conner on Rosanne

James Pickens Jr is now seen every Thursday night on Grey’s Anatomy as Dr. Richard Webber

Chandra Wilson hung out with the Cosbys but now she bosses people around on Grey’s Anatomy as Dr. Miranda Bailey

Sara Ramirez did small roles on Third Watch and here she is on Spin City.

Today she is Dr. Callie Torres on Grey’s Anatomy as well as doing musicals including Spamalot on Broadway.

Before she was making out with McDreamy Ellen Pomepo made out with Chandler and Ross on Friends

Now Ellen is Dr. Meredith Grey wife of Derek “McDreamy” Shepherd and mommy to baby Zola on Grey’s Anatomy.

This nerdy fellow on the short lived 80’s tv series Fast Times is now quite “McDreamy!”

These days Patrick Dempsey is the resident hunk on Grey’s Anatomy as Dr.Derek Shepherd husband to Meredith and daddy to baby Zola!

Jeremy Piven wasn’t always a foul mouth agent here he is with the cast of Ellen

Jeremy recently wrapped up the 8th and final season of Entourage and is now making movies.

This young patient on ER grew up to be a “High school hunk”

Zac Efron became famous as the dancing, singing high school jock Troy in High School Musical he went on to star in its two sequels as well as Hairspray, 17 Again and Charlie St.Cloud.

This cross dresser on Bosom Buddies guest starred on Family Ties too before hitting it “Big”

Tom Hanks has been in many movies including Splash, Big and Sleepless in Seattle, Forrest Gump (Which he won an Oscar for) and Saving Private Ryan. He also directed Band Of Brothers.

Before she was an “Angel” Lucy Liu played a mother of a little boy fighting Aids on ER

Lucy Liu was on the tv series Ally McBeal ,Joey, and Ugly Betty. She has done many movies including Charlie’s Angels and its sequel and Kill Bill

Before she was fabulous Sarah Jessica Parker played Patty Greene on Square Pegs

Sarah Jessica Parker played the most fabulous tv character Carrie Bradshaw on HBO’s Sex and the City as well as in both movies. She was most recently seen in the movie New Year’s Eve.

Dr. Phillip Chandler on St. Elsewhere went on to the movies.

Denzel Washington went on to star in movies including Glory(which he won an Oscar for), John Q , Remember the Titans, Philadelphia and  many more.

Will Smith got his start in music as a rapper but he got his start in acting being “Fresh” on The Fresh Prince of Bel Air.

Will Smith is known for the 4th of July blockbuster weekend with movies like Independence Day and Men In Black. He also played the great Muhammad Ali in the movie Ali which earned him an Oscar nomination.

Bruce Willis was a wild boy on Moonlighting as David Addison chasing girls especially Maddie Hayes and solving crimes.

Bruce Willis is made it big in movies with Die Hard and all  its sequels, The Whole Nine and Ten Yards, Armageddon, The Sixth Sense, and Pulp Fiction. He also guest starred on a few episode of Friends. Soon he will be seen in a new Die Hard film “Today is a Good Day to Die Hard”

Kevin Bacon got his start on the late great Guiding Light. He went on to star in many movies including Footloose, Apollo 13, and Picture Perfect. He was the object of Jack’s lust on Will and Grace and he made a guest appearance on the episode “Bacon and Eggs”.

This bombshell got her start playing Jackie Templeton on General Hospital.

Demi Moore has appeared in many movies like Ghost, G.I Jane, A Few Good Men and Striptease. She also made a guest appearance on Will and Grace as Jack’s childhood babysitter Sissy.

Funny man Adam Sandler played Theo’s friend on The Cosby Show before hitting it big on SNL

After Adam left SNL he made his way to the big screen in movies like Little Nicky, I Now Pronounce You Chuck and Larry, Billy Madison, Click, Bedtime Stories, and Just Go With It. He was most recently seen playing fraternal twins in the movie Jack and Jill.

This adorable street kid on Growing  Pains grew up and “sunk” girls hearts.

Leonardo DiCaprio has made young women swoon in movies like Titanic, The Man in the Iron Mask and Romeo and Juliet.

This is a very young Brad Pitt on the nighttime soap Dallas as Randy. He also appeared with Kirk Cameron on Growing Pains

Today Brad is a movie mogul.  He has been in films such as the Oceans movies, Fight Club, Troy, Burn After Reading, The Curious Case of Benjamin Buttons and most recently as the villain in the animated feature Megamind.


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