My Top 25 TV Guest Stars

Here is a list of my top 25 TV guest stars! How many do you remember!

1. Scrubs: Matthew Perry as Murray…Murray’s dad was a patient of Cox and  JD

2: Will&Grace: Patrick Dempsey as Matt…Matt is a sports writer who dates Will

3. That 70’s Show: Mary Tyler Moore as Christine St.George…Christine is a talk show host that Jackie wants to work for

4. 30 Rock: David Shwimmer as Greenzo…Greenzo is a super hero who wants to save the planet.

5. The Big Bang Theory: Laurie Metcalf as Mary Cooper…Mary is Sheldon’s mother she’s super religious and sings Soft Kitty to Sheldon when he’s sick.

6. Friends: Kathleen Turner as Helena “Charles Bing” Handbasket…Helena is Chandler Bing’s drag queen father.

7. Friends: Morgan Fairchild as Nora Tyler Bing…Chandler Bing’s porn writing over sexed mother who once kissed his best Ross!

8. Will and Grace: Jeremy Piven as Nicholas…Nicholas is one of Grace’s exes who wants a threesome with her and his current girlfriend.

9. The Nanny: Joey Slotnick as Brian Levine…Brian is a dog napper that looks like Grafunkel who kidnaps Chester.

10. Cougar Town: Jennifer Aniston as Glenn…Glenn is Jules’s therapist.

11. Community: Shangela as herself…Shangela ius there for a big gay party as Miss Urban Campaign.

12. Hot in Cleveland: Sean Hayes as Chad…Chad is a hand model who dates Victoria.

13. Up All Night: Megan Mullally as Shayna Mund…Shayna is a rival talk show host.

14. Will and Grace: Cher as herself…Cher appears to Jack in a dream along with dancing fairies.

15. How I Met Your Mother: Katy Perry as Honey…Honey is Zoey’s cousin who is suppose to go out with Ted but ends up with Barney.

16. Frasier: David Ogden Stiers as Leland Barton…Leland worked closely with Frasier and Niles mother.

17. Beverly Hills 90210: David Arquette as Diesel..Diesel is a rocker who abused his ex girlfriend.

18. Beverly Hills 9021o: Matthew Perry as Roger… Roger is a tennis player who feels too much pressure from his dad.

19. Royal Pains: Wilmer Valderrama as Eric Kasabian… an art collector who suffers from diabetes .


20. Grey’s Anatomy: Perri Gilpin and Nia Vardalos as sisters Marci and Karen… Marci is giving Karen a part of her liver and all they can do is bicker!  

21. Cougar Town: Ken Jenkins as Chick…Chick is Jules widower father that comes to visit her, he also takes his broken hearted grandson to a strip club.


22. Joey: Christina Ricci as Mary Teresa Tribbiani…Mary Teresa is the younger sister of Joey who comes to visit him in LA she thinks Alex is a Spanish speaking maid! 


23. Happily Divorced: Charles Shaughnessy as Gregory…Gregory is bisexual and interested in Fran and her ex husband (Fran Drescher is reunited with her tv hubby from the Nanny!)


24. Drop Dead Diva: Rosie O’Donnell as Judge Madeline Summers…Judge Summers is a no nonsense judge!

25.  Curb Your Enthusiasm: David Schwimmer as himself….David put on a production of The Producers with Larry David and of course Larry pisses him off  by cursing out the man’s father accidentally and finding David’s lost watch only to lose it again.


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