My Top TV Hunks

This is a fun one my favorite TV hunks most are currently on TV!


1. Matthew Perry…Best known for the role of Chandler Bing on Friends as well as Matt Albie on Studio 60 and Ben Donovan on Mr.Sunshine. He will return to TV on March 25th when he joins CBS’s The Good Wife.


2. Patrick Dempsey,Eric Dane, and Justin Chambers the resident hunks of Grey’s Anatomy

3. Jeremy Piven…Bad Ass Agent Ari Gold on Entourage

4.  Alex O’Loughlin and Scott Cann…McGarret and Dano the hot island 5 O

5. Noah Wyle and George Clooney were John Carter and Doug Ross on ER…Noah can now be seen on TNT’s Falling Skies and George was most recently seen in The Descendants.


6. Josh Hopkins..Grayson Ellis the fiancee of Jules Cobb on Cougar Town


7. Neil Patrick Harris…Barney Stinston the pig on How I Met Your Mother

8. Mark Paul Gossleer…Frat Boy Lawyer Peter Bash on Franklin and Bash


9. Darren Criss…Hunky boyfriend of Kurt on Glee

10. Stephen Amell..Scott the hot EMT Violet fooled around with on Prive Practice

and the final one

11. Ashton Kutcher…He was a dumb ass on That 70’s Show and now he’s a billionaire on Two and a Half  Men


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