Top 25 TV Weddings

In honor of Valentine’s Day I am posting my top 25 TV weddings! Sit back and take a trip down the memory lane of love!

1. Chandler and Monica…Friends…Two best friends became lovers in London they went from lovers to husband and wife!

2. Alex and Izzie…Grey’s Anatomy..The wedding was a surprise, The bride was sick with cancer and was helped down the isle by her best friend George O’Mallay

3.  Fran and Maxwell…The Nanny…She was the nanny he was her boss, now they are Mr and Mrs!

4. Luke and Laura..General Hospital..A fairytale wedding!

5. Callie and Arizona…Grey’s Anatomy..everything was going wrong and one bride almost called off the whole thing…they were married by Dr.Bailey!

6. Jesse and Rebecca…Full House… The Groom had trouble getting to the wedding but he made up for it signing a song he wrote to his bride.

7. Marshall and Lily…How I Met Your Mother…The groom messed up his hair, the bride’s veil got dirty but in the end they were married by their friend Barney.

8. Miranda and Steve…Sex and The City…They had a very  small wedding in a neighborhood park.

9. Leo and Grace…Will and Grace. The bride’s best friend walked her down the isle after her daddy injured his back

10.  Mike and Phoebe…Friends…When a blizzard hit New York it almost stopped the wedding until Monica came up with an outdoor winter wonderland wedding! 

11. Joanie and Chachi…From childhood friends to life long loves

12. Robert and Amy…Everybody Loves Raymond…

13. Michael and Karen…The Wonder Years…A sweet hippy wedding that the bride’s parents had a probem with at first.

14. Zack and Kelly…Saved By The Bell..High School sweethearts!

15.  Harry and Charlotte..Even with the disasters that happened Charlotte had better luck with wedding #2

16. Mark and Elizabeth…ER… two doctors met in the ER and fell in love..The bride was pregnant and the groom was late.

17. Carol and Susan…Friends..When Carols parents objected to her wedding her ex husband Ross walked her down the isle to her love Susan.

18.  Corey and Topanga..Boy Meets World..Young love to wedded bliss

19. Martin and Gina..Martin..The wedding was beachside and Babyface sang as the bride walked down the isle.

20. Donna and David…Beverly Hills 90210

21. Jack and Rosario..She married a gay man to stay in the country

22. Dwayne and Whitley…A Different World..SHe was set to marry another but her true love stopped the wedding and they were married 

23.  Niles and Daphne…Frasier..They had to have three different wedding to please their families 

24. Bo and Nora…One Life To Live..They had a rock and roll wedding complete with Little Richard in attendance.

25. Chin and Malia…Hawaii 5 0…A beautiful island wedding with McGarret and Dano as groomsmen need I say more.


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