The 100 Best Male TV Characters

1. Chandler Bing…Friends:  Chandler is the funny Friend who marries his best friend’s little sister

2. Dr.Derek Shepherd…Grey’s Anatomy: The hot Neurosurgeon of Seattle Grace who’s husband to Meredith and daddy to Zola.

3. Ari Gold…Entourage: The agent who likes to “Hug it out”  

4. Dr.Benjamin Franklin Pierce (Hawkeye)…Mash: The surgeon who made a joke of the war, drank and chased the nurses

5. Dr.John Truman Carter…ER: This young ER doc when against his wealthy family’s wishes becoming a doctor 

6. Dr.Ross Geller…Friends: Ross is a paleontology professor at NYU in love with the same girl since he was 15. He gets her cheats on her and loses her then years later he fathers her child after a one night stand.

7. Dr.Sheldon Cooper…Big Bang Theory: Sheldon is the worldest biggest geek he lives for comics, super heroes, Star Wars and Star Trek.

8. Matt Albie…Studio 60 on the Sunset Strip Matt is one of the writers for the show Studio 60 who has an on again off again relationship with cast member Harriet Hayes

9. Dr.Doug Ross…ER: Doug is a Peds ER doc who always went by his own rules to save sick and abused children

10. Thomas Magnum…Magnum PI: The hot private detective of Hawaii

11. Dr. George O’Malley…Grey’s Anatomy: George is the baby face surgeon of Seattle Grace who performed  emergency heart surgery stuck in an elevator.

12. Barney Steinson…How I Met Your Mother: Barney is a handsome,  sly womanizing business man

13.  Jack McFarland…Will&Grace: Jack is an actor/singer who loves the men!

14.  David Addison…Moonlighting: He’s a private eye who keeps his eye on the ladies especially Maddie Hayes

15. Dr. Perry Cox…Scrubs: His favorite hobby calling JD girls names  

16. Frasier and Niles Crane…Frasier: Two brothers both psychiatrists one lives with dad one has an ex wife and is in love with a British beauty  

17. Archie Bunker…All in the Family: Everyone’s favorite bigot.

18. Doogie Howser…Doogie Howser MD: a kid genius who became a doctor at 16!

19. Grayson Ellis…Cougar Town: The hot neighbor who stole Jules heart

20. Ben Donovan…Mr.Sunshine: Ben manages the Sunshine Center while trying to care more

21. Dylan McKay…Beverly Hills 90210: Dylan is the local bad boy of Beverly Hills

22. Steve McGarrett and Danny Williams…Hawaii 5 0: The two hot members of the 5 0

23. Dr.Alex Karev…Grey’s Anatomy: This hunky surgeon started out as a jerk but soon became a sweetheart.

24. Kurt Hummel and Blaine Anderson…Glee: The cute couple of Glee. 

25. Walter “Radar” Riley…Mash: The army clerk who got the nickname Radar because he knows when wounded are headed for the base.

26. Dr. Hank Lawson and Evan Lawson… Royal Pains: This doctor and his brother run Hank Med a service for the wealthy residents of the Hamptons

27. Judge Harold T Stone…Night Court: Harry is a judge who loves to clown around doing magic and listening to Mel Torme

28. Dr.John Dorian…Scrubs: JD as he’s more commonly known is a doctor who loves his own thoughts and fellow doctor Elliot Reid.

29. Marshall Erickson..How I Met Your Mother: Marshall is cute and loveable especially to his wife Lily.

30. Chachi Arcola…Happy Days: Chachi is Fonzie’s cousin. He falls for and later marries Joanie.

31. Maurice “Bosco” Boscorellie…Third Watch: Bosco is a New York City cop with an attitude 

32. Brandon Walsh…Beverly Hills 90210: Brandon is the twin brother of Brenda and his friend Andrea had a crush on him.

33. Gil Grissom…CSI: There was no crime he couldn’t solve

34.  Dr. Cooper Freeman…Private Practice He’s a pediatrician who found out he has a son with a dying mother.

35. Jesse Katsopolis…Full House Jesse moves in with his brother in law to help raises his nieces.

36. Michael Kelso…That 70’s Show Kelso as his friends call him spends his time chasing girls and smoking pot in Formans basment

37. JR Ewing…Dallas JR is a back stabbing, burban drinking cheater who has no problem crossing anyone even his family to make a buck. JR will be back to his old ways in a new Dallas premiering on TNT this summer.

38. Will Smith…The Fresh Prince of Bel Air …Will was a boy from Philly who was sent to live with his aunt and uncle in Bel Air. He teased his uncle Phil and cousin Carlton but he loved them. He also loved to chase the ladies  using cheesy pick up lines.

39. Don Draper…Mad Men …Don is part of an advertising firm. He loves booze, cigarettes and women. His new wife is a young inspiring Canadian actress.

40. Joey Tribbiani…Friends …Joey is an actor who unfortunately lacks intelligence. His favorite past times are food, women and the Knicks. 

41. Al Bundy…Married With Children …Al is a shoe salesman who hates his family and his life. He likes  to relive his high school football days and make fun of neighbor Marcy. He also formed a club for him and his friends  No Ma’am.

42. Dr. Mark Sloan…Grey’s Anatomy …Mark is Derek Shepherd’s best friend who loved the ladies until he fell in love with a fellow doctor but their relationship ended when his love died in a plane crash. He is the father of Callie’s baby girl Sofia and is raising her with her and Arizona. 

43. Jack Tripper…Three’s Company Jack was a chef pretending to be gay so he could live with two beautiful ladies Janet and Chrissy. Mr.Roper believed him, his wife Mrs. Roper knew the truth but she didn’t care.

44. Howard Wolowitz…The Big Bang Theory …Howard is a nerdy engineer who loved the ladies until he met Bernadette she’s his one true love and they were recently married before he went into space.  

45. Keith Partridge…The Partridge Family …Keith is the oldest of his siblings and lead singer of their band. He makes the girls swoon with his charm, good looks and his songs. His little brother Danny loved to pull pranks on him like once selling his stuff to his fans. 

46. Sam Malone…Cheers …Sam owned and was a bartender at Cheers who once played for the Red Sox. He loves the ladies even though his heart will always belong to Diane Chambers.

47. John James “Big” Preston…Sex and the City…Big is the love of Carrie Bradshaw’s life. Believe it or not when we first meet Big its Samantha that hits on him!  Even though he and Carrie broke up many times in the end love won and Carrie married her prince.

48. Will Truman…Will and Grace …Will is a sexy gay lawyer who has two best friends Jack and Grace. His dream in life is to have a family and that dream comers true when he meets sexy cop Vince.

49. Alex P. Keaton…Family Ties… Alex hates the fact that he was raised by hippies Elyse and Steven. His passions in life Money and Reagan.   

50. Dev Sundaran…Smash … Dev is a handsome man who loves his actress girlfriend Karen. He was set to marry her but will a mistake he made with another actress Ivy ruin what he has with her.

51. Larry David…Curb Your Enthusiasm …Larry has a knack for pissing off everyone!

52. Rick Hunter…Hunter …Rick is a former pro football player turned LAPD. He always gets the bad guys and goes out of his way to protect his partner Dee Dee McCall.

53. Tony Soprano…The Sopranos …Tony is a mobster who loves Russian hookers and his family. His wife Carmela was a saint having to put up with all his crap while raising two children! 

54. Det. Robert Goren…Law and Order Criminal Intent Goren is very intelligent and speaks several languages including German and Sign. He uses his smarts and skills to solve crimes.  

55. Zack Morris…Saved By The Bell …Zack was a loveable con artist his victims were usually his teachers and Mr. Belding.  His love was Kelly Kawposki who he married in Vegas.

56. Maxwell Sheffield…The Nanny….Maxwell is a millionaire broadway producer  he hates  Andrew Lloyd Weber and is widowed with three kids. He hires a Nanny Fran Fine who he later falls in love with and marries.

57. Horatio Caine…CSI Miami Hariso is the lead of the CSI team he always looks cool in his shades and he always gets the bad guys!

58. Dr. Peter Benton…ER…Peter is Carter’s mentor and saved his life twice. He is also the father of a deaf boy Reece who he had to fight to get custody of when the boy’s mother was killed in a car accident.

59. Dr. Owen Hunt…Grey’s Anatomy…Owen is a service man and when he first returns to civilization he has flash backs of the war, nearly killing his girlfriend Christina. He seeks the help of  a therapist to help him cope. He later marries Christina they have their problems including Owen cheating  but a plane crash may change things.

60. Will Shuester…Glee..Will is a Spanish teacher turned Glee teacher. He loves his students and wants to help them achieve their dreams. His Glee club won the nationals and some have graduated. His students love him too they named him teacher of the year.

61. Sgt. Andy Sipowicz…NYPD Blue…Andy didn’t take anything from anyone he was a tough guy battling alcoholism

62. Dr. Jackson Avery…Grey’s Anatomy…Jackson is the grandson of Dr. Harper Avery  but he wants to make it on his own not because of who his grandfather is. He took the virginity of lil miss Holy girl April Kepler and found out his mother was sleeping with his boss.

63. Vinnie Babarnio…Welcome Back Kotter …Vinnie is the leader of the Sweat Hogs he’s good looking but not to bright. He often had dates  with two girls on the same night.

64. Dr. Jake Riley…Private Practice Jake is a fertility specialist who tried to help Addison conceive a baby but it didn’t work. He later fell in love with her and at the same time her ex proposes who will she  choose?

65. Jack Donaghy…30 Rock …Jack is the network executive of TGS his wife Avery was kidnapped and fell in love with a man who was also kidnapped. In Avery’s absence Jack starting seeing her mother. Also Liz Lemon always goes to him for advice.  

66. Bo and Luke Duke…The Dukes of Hazzard Bo and Luke are two good looking guys who zoom through the countyside in the General Lee. Boss Hog wants to get those boys!

67. Niles the  Butler…The Nanny…Niles was always pulling pranks on CeCe Babcock but he ended up falling for her they got married  and had  a baby on the way by the show’s end.

68. Peter Lovett…Happily DivorcedPeter came out of the closet to his wife  Fran after 19 years of marriage. They still live together in the same house but different bedrooms both are dating men.

69. Lou Grant…The Mary Tyler Moore Show…Lou ran the WJM tv station. He hated spunk but loved  Mary like a daughter.

70. Mac Taylor…CSI NY…Mac is head of the NYPD Crime Lab who lost his wife in the 9/11 attacks he hasn’t dated much but there is no crime he can’t solve.

71. Greg Montgomery..Dharma and Greg…Greg married his wife Dhrama after one date they were total opposites he was from a rich family and she was raised by hippies    

72. Tim “The Tool Man” Taylor….Home Improvement…Tim had a show called Tool Time he hosted with Al. He was always trying to out do everyone and injuring himself in the process. 

73. Ted Mosby…How I Met Your Mother…Ted is an architect he was the college roommate of Marshall and has an on again off again with Robin

74. Bobby Cobb…Cougar Town…Bobby is the ex husband of Jules Cobb he lives on a boat  and created Penny Can! He has a bromance with Andy and Grayson.

75. Darren Stevens…Bewitched…Darren was married to Samantha who was a witch and with her came her mother and cousin…the inlaws from hell! lol

76. Dan Connor…Rosanne…Dan is working class man having been a a dry waller and owned his own bike shop. He has 4 kids and loves them all. His wife is his high school sweetheart Rosanne. 

77. Bobby Ewing…Dallas..Bobby isn’t as evil as his older brother JR but still a Ewing  all the same.

78. Denny Duquette…Grey’s Anatomy…Denny was a heart patient at Seattle Grace that stole Izzie’s heart  she fell hard for him it devastated her when he died he later appeared to her as a ghost when she found out she had cancer.

79. Dr. Mark Greene…ER…Mark was an ER doc for many years he was the father of two little girls. He developed a tumor in his brain that eventually killed him. Too bad they didn’t call Dr.Derek Shepherd.  

80. Fonzie…Happy Days..Fonzie was a cool dude in a leather jacket with perfect hair. He controlled the jukebox with his fist  and had ladies falling all over him.

81. Fred…Drop Dead Diva When Deb an inspiring model gets in a car accident she doesn’t die her spirit  is transported into the body of super smart plus size lawyer Jane Bingum. Fred is her guardian angel on earth. He and Deb’s bets friend Stacie are the only two people who know who Jane really is. Fred falls for Stacie and they become a couple.

82. Andrew…Touched By An Angel Andrew along with his friends Monica and Tess were angels who worked for God helping sick and lost souls on earth who usually revealed themselves at the end with s heavenly glow. Andrew’s work was not always welcome  he was the angel of death he appeared when it was time to lead souls home to God.

83. Raj Koothrappali…The Big Bang Theory Raj is a braillant PHD he can play any video game and has a love for science but he has one major problem he can’t talk to beautiful women unless he’s drunk!

84. John Ross and Christopher Ewing…Dallas TNT John Ross and Christopher are the new generation of Ewings John Ross is the son of JR and Sue Ellen and Christopher is the son of Bobby and the MIA Pamela. These boys are proving to be Ewings as evil as their parents!

85. Dr. Daniel Pierce…Perception Perception is a new drama on TNT. Daniel is a  professor of neuroscience who helps the FBI  solve complex crimes and he does all this while battling  schizophrenia!

86.  Gary Ewing…Dallas/Knots Landing  Gary is JR and Bobby’s brother but he is nothing like them he wants nothing to do with the oil company. His true love is Valene they were divorced and he was briefly married to evil witch Abby but he left her and eventually remarried Valene, Together they had 3 children Lucy, Bobby and Betsey.

87. Kevin Arnold…The Wonder Years Kevin is a boy growing up in the late sixties and early seventies with his best friends Paul and Winnie he shares hi childhood and his family with all of us.

88. Jared Franklin and Peter Bash…Franklin&Bash Jared and Peter are two lawyers who are also roommates. When they’re not busy in court they party and act alot like frat boys!

89. Det. Elliot Stabler…Law and Order SVU Det. Stabler is  a police officer who deals with special victims usually women and young children who’ve been sexually assaulted, beaten and sometimes even murdered. He is very close to his partner Det. Olivia Benson.

90. Dr. Richard Webber…Grey’s Anatomy Dr. Webber has worked at Seattle Grace since Dr. Meredith Grey was a little girl. He even had an affair with her mother super surgeon Ellis Grey. Now days he is battling alcoholism, taking care of his wife Adele who has Alzheimer’s and running the surgical floor.

91. Benson Dubois…Soap Benson was a butler who worked for the Tate family. They were a crazy bunch! There were affairs, demon babies, a crazy old man who thought he was still at war, and more, poor Benson was in the middle of it all!

92. Raymond and Robert Barone…Everybody Loves Raymond Raymond and Robert are brothers one is on the NYPD and the other is a sports writer. Raymond appeared to be the favorite with their parents which didn’t please Robert. Raymond is married to Debra and they have 3 children. Robert is married to Debra’s friend Amy.

93.  Kip Wilson and Henry Desmond…Bosom  Buddies Kip and Henry are pals who’s apartment building is demolished when the only place they can afford happens to be the Susan B. Anthony Hotel a women’s only residence they put on dresses and wigs. Buffy and Hildegarde are born!

94. Drew Carey…The Drew Carey Show Drew works Winfred-Lauder as  Assistant Director of Personnel with his arch enemy Mimi Bobeck. She wears alot of make up collects troll dolls and makes his life  living hell. Drew creates Buzz beer with his friends Oswald, Lewis and Kate. Drew dates Kate for awhile but she marries another and moves away. He ends up with Kellie but I believe Kate was his one true love!

95. Mork from Ork…Mork&Mindy Mork is an alien sent  to Earth by Orson to study human behavior. He meets Mindy and the two become roommates. Mindy later marries the alien  and Mork laid an egg containing their adult son (Orkans age backwards!) Mearth.

96. Dr. Dick Solomon…3rd Rock From The Sun Dick and his family are aliens who come to earth to learn of its people , customs and more. The aliens disguise themselves as the Solomons as human family. Dick is a physics professor at Pendelton State University. He falls for his co worker Dr. Mary Albright. While on earth the alien family communicates with the Giant Head on their home planet.

97. Leonard Hofstadter…The Big Bang Theory Leonard is a experimental physicist who takes  the brunt of many short jokes, he loves super heroes and video games. His roommate is Dr. Sheldon Cooper who has a weird set of house rules. Leonard has an on again off again girlfriend Penny who lives across the hall.

98. Jodie Dallas…Soap Jodie is the son of Mary Campbell. He was one of TV’s first gay characters. He was in love with pro football player Dennis Phillips ad he’s willing to get a sex change and become a women for him, but when Dennis tells him he’s marrying a woman Jodie attempts to take his own life.  Jodie then gets involved briefly with a woman named Carol and fathers her child. He later moved in with a lesbian Alice.

99. Dr. Sam Beckett…Quantum Leap Sam is a physicist from the future who leaps into politicians, historical figures, celebrities and every day joes and he usually prevents or resolves a crisis. Sam as a friend who is a hologram Al that only he, small children and the mentally ill can see. All helps Sam with every leap. The only thing Sam wants is that final leap that will send him home!

100. Dr. Luka Kovac…ER Luka is a ER attending from Croatia he lost his family during a war there. When he arrived at County he took interest in the very pregnant  nurse Carol Hathaway. On Thanksgiving her carried her from the El to the hospital in the snow when into labor and collapsed. The two dated briefly but Carol’s heart  belonged to Doug she left County to join him in Seattle.  Luka later marred fellow doctor Abby Lockhart she gave birth to their son Joey.

Next up The Best 100 Female TV Characters…Coming Soon!


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